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Creating a Dramatic Cat Eye Look

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Below is a step by step pictured tutorial to getting the perfect dramatic cat eye look for special occasions, parties and just simply going out. Please comment and follow us! :)


*Start by cleansing, toning and moisturising your face* 

This would be an ordinary prep for your face
I used SIMPLE becasue I have senstative skin, as well as it suiting all skin types, it also is alcohol and perfume free :D

Once your face is moisturised start by applying a liquid foundation I used Mac studio sculpt foundation but I also regularily use maybelline dream matte foundation which works well too :)

For under the eye area, if you have no brushes I find using the ring finger the most effective not only that it has the least pressure but also it is kind to the under eye area.

After applying foundation add a dusting of power, this is not really for coverage but rather to set the foundation. I used N07 mineral protection. A little dusting over the nose, chin, cheeks, forhead and neck should do. 

Now you have the perfect base

It's time for the cat eye look!

Above is what you should look like at this stage, cleansed, toned, moistourised, foundationed and powdered :D

To create the cat eye look you must use a dark black liquid or gel liner
I used loreal sponge tipped pen, I find this easiest to apply for acccuracy but to be honest you can use any brand you wish as long as it is comfotable for you and easy to apply.

Start with a thin line along your lash line but make sure that you leave the tear duct area for later
Drag your pen/brush across in a sort of semicircle motion making sure the line is sharp.

This is how it should look with your eyes closed

Now go over this once more be careful not to make the line too thick as it will make your eyes look smaller.

This is what it should look like when the tip of the flick is joint with the bottom of your lash line.

Now line your bottom lash line to just over half way.

Once you have done this you can start with the extra cat eye effect from the tear duct.

To create this effect start by just extending the line around the shape of your eye towards the tear duct, When this is done then extend the tip imagining that the line is still there and drag it down towards the side of your nose.  

You have to take care at this step to make sure the line is not too thick or thin. Also keep in mind where your going as you dont want to over power a look by going a little too OTT.

To finish go over it again just to thicken it out, be careful if the eyeliner is too thick then it will make your eyes appear smaller also add an extra bit of eyeliner from the bottom of the tear duct inwards.

Finish by curling your lashes and applying mascara

I used Maybelline New York falsies

And there we go, the dramatic cat eye look!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, tell us what you think and how you go on :)

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